We combine computerized manufacturing with years of design and construct experience to guarantee top quality ductwork that's tailored to your needs and available at competitive industry rates.

Complete Solutions

Established over 25 years, we have contractors for any job, in-house design, manufacturing and experienced full-time labour force.

Competitive Rates

Quality ductwork and fittings at competitive rates. Our fully computerised manufacturing process reduces labour costs, and increase our capacity.

No Hassle

With in-house design, drafting, fabrication and project management; we make your challenging project simple, where others can't.

No Hassle

We take the hassle out of your project. We're more than ductwork manufacturing. We specialise in developing and managing your project from start to finish.

Work to your needs

Schedule work to meet your needs and avoid interruptions between your usual trading hours. We can have air conditioning units replaced without interrupting the operations within your building.

We offer an in-house drafting service with workshop drawings provided for small to medium projects.