Air System Consulting

At Austair, manufacturing and consultancy go hand in hand. We not only produce, design and install air systems, but we also offer consulting services.

If your air system is not adequately cooling your building, has high operating costs, or any other problems. Contact us to discuss how we can help improve your systems.

  • Unlimited design license holders (1068413 and 649008)
  • Building services authority number (1068413)
  • Compliant with all Australian and SMACNA standards

Reduce Expenses

We have specialised data logging equipment that enables us to calculate the running costs of your mechanical air systems. We can work out how to save you money through optimisation, without compromise to the cooling abilities of your system.

Value Adding Service

Air System consulting is a value adding service because we are improving the efficiency of your mechanical air systems, and reducing the associated operating costs.

We concentrate our 25 years of expertise on looking for improvements in the energy efficiency and lifespan of your air systems; including toilet exhausts, kitchen exhausts, carpark exhausts, and conditioning units, grills, filters, and diffusers.

The air balancing dynamics can also have a significant impact on the efficiency of your air systems, so we have made the investments in specialised data logging equipment to measure and optimise the airflow of your building.

Complete Solutions

If any maintenance or replacements are required, we can take care of those needs too. We do it all; be it fittings, manufacturing, installations, repairs, or maintenance. Our custom ductwork and automated manufacturing are one of our best advantages.

We advise you to save yourself the trouble, and let us take care of all your air system demands. Hiring us will provide you extra benefits of consulting, manufacturing, design, and installations, all at one point of contact and under one roof.

Flexible On-site Hours

Our on-site hours are totally flexible. We leave it up to you to choose the appropriate time to get the work done. We work in flexible shifts, making sure that your usual business activities are not interrupted within the building.

We provide complete solutions to give you a hassle-free service and help you save money on operating costs.

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