Carpark Exhaust Systems

Carpark exhaust systems are one of our many ductwork specialties. Carparks with limited natural air circulation require a mechanical ventilation solution to remove any harmful car exhaust fumes and meet the Australian standards.

Austair design and manufacture metal ductwork and exhaust systems.

  • Unlimited design license holders (1068413 and 649008)
  • Building services authority number (1068413)
  • Compliant with all Australian and SMACNA standards

Big Savings for Big Projects

The large scale of carpark exhaust systems, offers more opportunities for significant savings through more efficient manufacturing processes, shipping, installations, and long-term operating costs; all of which Austair excel at delivering.

Our investments in computerised machinery give us the ability to reduce manufacturing cost, and manufacture custom ducting and fittings. Furthermore reducing costs by keeping delivery localised to Australia.

With over 25 years in the industry, we have the knowledge and experience to avoid problems, work efficiently, and identify opportunities that could benefit your commercial building project.

Through small savings to fabricate each duct and fitting, in addition to lower operating costs associated with metal ducting, these all add up to significant savings for large projects.

Austair Advantage

We offer air system consulting, manufacturing, design, and installation. Typically we start with onsite consulting where we can identify the potential supply and exhaust points in the parking area and then followed by designs from our in-house drafting service.

Our carpark exhaust systems are more practical economically as well as technically.

Let us take the hassle out of your car park exhaust project. We are your one company solution for all commercial building projects, offering everything from consulting to design and construct.

Invest long-term

Metal ducting produces little air resistance and air turbulence compared to other ducting materials and designs. Therefore, metal ducting needs less energy to move air through the system; at the scale of carpark exhaust systems, these energy savings can be significant.

Additionally, performance is greater overall; it makes less noise, higher volume to airflow ratio, more durable, and most importantly, a lower operating cost.

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