Ductwork and Fittings

Air exhaust systems and ducted air conditioning systems have become standard in new homes and commercial buildings. Design advancements over the years have significantly reduced operating costs. We are constantly updating our designs, machinery, and trades to deliver a better product & service, ensuring you will receive the benefits of the latest design and engineering advancements.

At Austair, you can be sure you’re getting a quality system, which runs efficiently, and at competitive prices with hassle-free service.

  • Unlimited design license holders (1068413 and 649008)
  • Building services authority number (1068413)
  • Compliant with all Australian and SMACNA standards

Made to Your Needs

Carpark exhaust systems, toilet exhaust systems, kitchen exhaust systems, and general air conditioning systems, we do it all to order, and to your exact specifications.

Before manufacturing your air system, we visit your premises and with our 25+ years of expertise, we assess what kind of ductwork is required in your area and identify any possible room for improvement or savings.

If you have a new air conditioner unit installed on your premise and need custom made fittings to connect it to the existing ductwork, we can get it done. Our computerised manufacturing process enables us to manufacture any quantity at highly economical rates.

Cost Effective Manufacturing

Regardless of the size and shape, we manufacture all kinds of ductwork and duct fittings both commercially and residentially. Manufacturing is a time-consuming process but with our investments in computerised machinery, we have reduced labour time. Our manufacturing process is fully computerised and mostly automated which can produce highly customised designs at very competitive rates.

We can manufacture any ductwork and duct fittings for your specific requirement. Our labour costs is effectively lower because of the automated manufacturing system.

If you are a private contractor, contact us about offloading your ductwork demands to us. Get your ductwork manufactured, supplied, and delivered; all locally in Australia.

Ductwork supply for private contractors

Private contractors interested in us to supply their ductwork and fittings for the commercial or residential purpose are highly appreciated. With us, you can save yourself time and money by offloading your ductwork supply needs, and let our investments in computerised machinery work for you.

Our team is also available for any design or engineering needs you may have. Austair has two unlimited design licenses.

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