Toilet Exhaust Systems

A well designed toilet exhaust system should have minimal impact on your building's existing air system and air balancing dynamics. A poorly designed exhaust system could be exhausting conditioned air from surrounding rooms, disrupt the airflow dynamics and consequently causing inadequate cooling with increased electricity costs.

Reduce operating expenses with a well designed, low maintenance and high efficiently exhaust systems.

  • Unlimited design license holders (1068413 and 649008)
  • Building services authority number (1068413)
  • Compliant with all Australian and SMACNA standards

Our Process

Our design and construct process for toilet exhaust systems starts with an on-site visit to assess and measure existing structures. We want to ensure your building's air balancing and conditioning systems are working efficiently. We guarantee our toilet exhaust systems will run quietly, efficiently, low maintenance, and will have minimal impact on existing airflow dynamics.

High Efficiency, Low Maintenance

Metal ductwork has little resistance and air turbulence as compared to other ducting materials and designs. It's the best option for moving air throughout large buildings, with lower energy costs. Less air turbulence means less noise and more travel through the ducting without significant loss in air pressure for more even conditioning throughout the building.

Established 25 Years

Twenty-five years of experience in the commercial construction and metal ductwork industry. Our experience and regular training enable us avoid problems, work without hassle, and bring your commercial exhaust system project from start to finish with minimal impact to the normal operations within your building.

We hold an unlimited design license and our experience in construction, design and manufacturing make us stand out among our competitors.

Quality at competitive rates

We offer our top quality products and services at competitive rates thanks to significant manufacturing savings from our investments in computerised machinery.

The techniques and machinery that we use to manufacture our metal ducts are up to date and computerised. Our labor operations are made easier and simpler with the help of our machines, keeping labour costs down while continuing to fabricate high-quality ductwork.

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